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Cascading pain. The terrible is yet magnificent.
Can one being bear so much lost?
But, can she bear it if she is the one who has relinquished all?

I asked.
God granted to the detail; twin turtles lazing in the cascading fountain.
As always, he enters, devil disguised as helpmate.
The tub is teeny tiny. What about the money? Potential pool party hubbub.
The feeling just isn’t quite right.

As always, she folds. Drops her dream, made-to-order.

There was never any hope.

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Required Course

All writers look for a way out of writing.
But writing is like serving a jail sentence—
you’re not free until you’ve done your time
on the rock-heap.
~Paul Theroux

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The role of the artist is exactly
the same as the role of the lover.
If I love you, I have to make you conscious
of the things you don’t see.
~ James Baldwin

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