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Minimalism VI

According to ancient Greek myth, the half-divine hero Heracles consulted the Oracle of Delphi for guidance. He was assigned to perform 12 daunting feats, most of which modern people would regard as unethical, like killing and stealing. There was one labor that encouraged integrity, though. Heracles had to clean the stables where over a thousand divine cattle lived. The place hadn’t been scrubbed in 30 years! As I meditated on your hero’s journey in the coming months, Libra, I concluded that you’d be wise to begin with a less grandiose version of Heracles’ work in the stables. Have fun as you cheerfully tidy up everything in your life! By doing so, you will earn the power to experience many deep and colorful adventures in the coming months. -Rob Brezsny

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Five Reflections

  1. Reflect upon how the food has come before you—how the food might have been grown, how it was prepared, and how it was brought to you as your meal.
  2. Reflect upon your virtues and conduct. Are you worthy of the meal?
  3. Focus only on the meal in front of you without rushing through it and without thinking any other thoughts.
  4. Eat not from a gourmet perspective, weighing whether the meal is tasty, but simply to support your life.
  5. Eat so you are able to pursue the objectives that you would like to achieve.

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To be alive—is Power

To be alive—is Power—
Existence—in itself—
Without a further function—

To be alive—and Will!
‘Tis able as a God—
The Maker—of Ourselves—be what—
Such being Finitude!

~Emily Dickenson

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