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An Introduction

I am afraid of being a copycat; I am a scaredy-cat copycat!

And yet, this word/world has called me and pulled me close (sweet-n-safe breath, an almost-kiss square on my lips).

Drabble. I thought I knew his game – chitter-chatter prattle, purpose-less.

Wrong guy, she says. Drabble is not Drivel. She properly introduces us.

Drabble is different. Flexible and free, but with holding structure. No games. No exhausting ambiguity.

EXACTITUDE [100 words].

She says that she will be with him every day in May. I want to too.

How can there be enough to go around?

Just play friendly. Source:

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On Digital Reading
& Bonus Vocabulary List

While bibliophile tortoises shun the evil digital destroyer, I hippety-hopped aboard the e-book revolution sans reservation, having been an owner of Kindle 1st generation. I am not nostalgic for that earthy book scent, the graze of wafer sheets against my fingertips, the multi-colored mélange of rectangles stacked upon shelves. Though a romantic of the early nineteenth century sort, I am not a traditionalist and can easily forgo old conventions in favor of new conveniences.

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