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The sighted person always has a roof overhead, in the form of the blue sky or the clouds, or the stars at night. The same is true for the blind person of the sound of the wind in the trees. It creates trees; one is surrounded by trees whereas before there was nothing.

~John, M. Hull, Touching the Rock: An Experience of Blindness

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Wolves & Women

Wolves and women
have this in common.
We have been hunted
without mercy for our wild.
And yet we have never
stopped fighting back.
Tooth and nail.
Fang and claw.

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Minimalism II

No to transcendence and spiritual values,
heroic scale, anguished decisions,
historicizing narrative, valuable artifact,
interesting visual experience.
~Robert Morris

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Baby Suggs laughed, clear as anything. “You mean I never told you nothing about Carolina? About your daddy? You don’t remember nothing about how come I walk the way I do and about your mother’s feet, not to speak of her back? I never told you all that? Is that why you can’t walk down the steps? My Jesus my.”

But you said there was no defense.

“There ain’t.”

Then what do I do?

“Know it, and go on out the yard. Go on.”

~Toni Morrison, Beloved

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