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‘Maybe he will have an accident and die, maybe he will not come home, and I will be free and able to live.’ Women and children all over the world want men to die so that they can live. This is the most painful truth of male domination, that men wield patriarchal power in daily life in ways that are awesomely life-threatening, that women and children cower in fear and various states of powerlessness, believing that the only way out of their suffering, their only hope is for men to die, for the patriarchal father not to come home. — bell hooks

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I will never again try to cut my own heart out.
I will never again cast a curse on myself.
I will never again cast a curse on myself.

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Dauntlessness No. 9

Compelling enthusiasm

This is even more evident when it comes to supporting the other person to regain their energy and will to live, to transform and believe more in themselves. With a visceral desire for harmony and beauty, she manages to communicate that achieving a state of integration is possible. This stems from her own need, but also from a deep insight that healing (not perfection!) is a possible reality. Finally, she knows how to convey the idea that everyone has value, precisely because it is a need that she has always felt.

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Although the wind …

Although the wind
blows terribly here,
the moonlight also leaks
between the roof planks
of this ruined house.
~Izumi Shikibu

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I think, because the very word God says that God is real, I think, the mere fact that we have the word and idea God means that God is real, I think, whatever the truth of it is it’s at least a thought that it’s possible to think

~Jon Fosse, Septology

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