Kinda Wobbly, Aren’t Ya?

Yes, I am still a little wobbly.  I do not have a clear vision for this blog.  I am unsure of the types of posts that I want to write.  I am unsure of how often I should post.  I am unsure of my designation as writer.  And still, this uncertainty is preferable to the sentence I served in writer’s block, bound by fear and self-doubt and inaction.  A pair of posts may not seem like much, and yet, I’ve had to blink a baker’s dozen times to make sure that I am not dreaming.

I am grateful that I am not alone as I enter this sparkling and slippery wonderland. From all the authors who have dared to write, whether published or not, to those in my personal life who chant, “I think you can, I think you can…,” to the reader who may visit and decide to stay for a while, I am supported by a whole herd of Thumpers, encouraging me in my effort to stand as a writer.  Thank you all.

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