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Minimalism IV

“I see it all perfectly;
there are two possible situations —
one can either do this or that.
My honest opinion and my friendly advice is this:
do it or do not do it — you will regret both.”
~ Soren Kierkegaard

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Minimalism II

No to transcendence and spiritual values,
heroic scale, anguished decisions,
historicizing narrative, valuable artifact,
interesting visual experience.
~Robert Morris

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Baby Suggs laughed, clear as anything. “You mean I never told you nothing about Carolina? About your daddy? You don’t remember nothing about how come I walk the way I do and about your mother’s feet, not to speak of her back? I never told you all that? Is that why you can’t walk down the steps? My Jesus my.”

But you said there was no defense.

“There ain’t.”

Then what do I do?

“Know it, and go on out the yard. Go on.”

~Toni Morrison, Beloved

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I will tell you a secret.
They can’t threaten you
with starvation, if you learn not to eat.
~Carolyn Gage

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