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There is a pain — so utter —

There is a pain — so utter —
It swallows substance up —
Then covers the Abyss with Trance —
So Memory can step
Around — across — opon it —
As One within a Swoon —
Goes safely — where an open eye —
Would drop Him — Bone by Bone —
~Emily Dickinson

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Good Night

I called the rain and it came. Night alone was insufficient.
Come on baby

To witness and permit my dis/quiet. My cheerless lullaby.
La, la, la, la, la

I sigh my side of the story. The dis/respect and dis/honesty. A sincere betrayal. My ridiculous indulgences. On repeat.
Baby take my hand

Loved falsely. Without strength and without fruit.
Baby I’m your man

Evicted moon and runaway stars. I laugh at the poets’ dependence on the subcelestial. Ha! I am the fool with avian heart. Writing per requirement. (By far my weakest drabble!) A dead end bitterness.
Don’t fear the reaper

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An Introduction to Envy

I am seven years old at my cousin’s McDonald’s birthday party and I am Happy™.

I cheer the birthday girl as she opens and aahs her tower of unmemorable gifts.

Her Mommy materializes a promise pink suitcase. White-painted block letters parade purpose: Going to Grandma’s. My hard initiation to presents-inside-presents follows. Footed pajamas and a day outfit. A pouch with lip-gloss and her very own bath things. A favorite picture book to conjure candy-coated dreams.

I wish her smile to go the way of doomed balloons in the corner.

I wish I didn’t delight in this hive inside my heart.

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