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Pecking Order

The rooster crows.
It’s 10 a.m.
Slacker. Just like me. No.
Better than me.

Remember that too-true-for-tears passage
where our beloved Paul D
walks across his isthmus of shame
to the wild and holding foliage of another?

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I saw her scar today,
a prideful star basking in its curtain raising.
(Her black blouse had slipped too low.)
I knew about the cancer, she had told me.
I don’t know why I am surprised by that flash of flesh,
that red reminder of…everything!

I am not a mother. I have no mother.
I don’t want to stay here.
My interpretation of everything, tired refrain.

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Copper-coated copter flies with intention.
He knows just where he is headed,
no energy-bleeding, hope-wasting hither and thither.
His aim is there—
that slit of space formed by the incomplete union of two elderly deck planks.
The tiny-waisted tiny being glides inside.
Blackness welcomes him home.
Safe, safe, safe.
Rest! rest! rest!
(I know I am Nobody’s poet—And still!)
God, I want to be that wasp.

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A Small Green Island

There is a small green island
where one white cow lives alone, a meadow of an island.

The cow grazes till nightfall, full and fat,
but during the night she panics
and grows thin as a single hair.
What shall I eat tomorrow? There is nothing left.

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O snail
Climb Mount Fuji
But slowly, slowly!
~Kobayashi Issa

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